Our Technology

Our Technology

Lastly edited by MTGA Codes on 06-Oct-2023

A look inside the technology used in MTGA Codes Webstore to obtain and sell Magic the Gathering MTG Arena Codes. Instant sending, satisfaction guarantee.

We are also players like you - that's why we understand you!

Before establishing our shop MTGA Codes, we were ordinary players looking for Magic the Gathering Arena codes. They had to be authentic, cheap, and last but not least, to have them immediately because nobody wants to sit around waiting for their code. As ordinary buyers, we have faced many problems, so we made the almost perfect logistics system for acquiring and selling arena codes.

Let's spoil what is happening behind the scenes with the codes. Before, we used 3rd party software to send the codes immediately, but they always had problems; either the code wasn't sent right away or glitched on multi-item orders. Moreover, neither of them had accounting possibilities, and only a few kept a history of purchased codes. So we brewed our stuff that combines accounting, tracking, and vendor statistics in one. We keep track of each vendor, and if their success rate becomes less than 95%, we suspend relations with them. We communicate with a lot of suppliers from around the globe. Hence, we are not dependant on a single branch, and that's why we have the opportunity to provide you with the lowest possible price, simply because we can afford to choose from whom to deliver you the codes. In addition to the great price, be sure that you will never have a misspelled code ("Not Found Error") or used code ("Code Already Used Error") because we check them twice. The first time is to confirm the codes with our vendors that they are not used or wrong. The second check is just before the code table is generated with your codes on the successful order page.

Also, there is no need to enter the game logs and search for possible errors because the only mistake you can get is "code already used," which means that you have already used code of this kind. There are cases when our customers do not understand, do not remember, or are just confused about whether they redeemed a specific MTGA code. In the end, it turns out that they have already applied such code to their account. As you know, for each account, you can redeem only one code of a specific type. You can give it to your friend, relative or create a new account in this situation. The second option is to write us at [email protected] and send us the code to check it. We will refund your money to your wallet, if it is still operational. MTGA Codes can afford to sell codes that someone else has already seen because our system will recheck the code before the last user buys it.

As you can see, the possibility of receiving a wrong code is virtually zero, and that is why we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. So if there is some mistake from our side, we assure you that we are ready to take full responsibility for this situation and will refund you the whole amount to the original payment method.